Our Story

We offer the full spectrum of services to help clients, consultant and contractors by providing a full solution for their needs. Everything from writing the specs, providing all the engineering work, train the new companies to work in more effective ways and educate them about our technologies, assist them in the application for the products that we are supplying and supervise the work in order to perform even better in future. Very few others do this and none have been doing it as long as we have.

Supervision & Engineering

By our engineering team who is working to study all the project requirement and convert it to a successful story​

Material & Machinery Supply

By representing different international companies who have the best reputation in providing a good products and best technical support

Application Services

By a specialized team with the latest machine in the market who can provide the best services on time under high level of engineering control to different kinds of technologies such as Polyurea, Polyurethane, Polyaspartic & Epoxy.​

Areas of Application

Containment of hazardous chemicals that cause danger to human and environmental liability of the company.  Petrichor Technical Services LLC provides a solution to achieved the highest standard of regulation and safety for Oil and Gas Industry. By using the latest protective coating technology in preventing corrosion for metal containment and provide the highest level of protection for other containment such as Concrete or GRP which will make them more durable and high resistance to external & Internal damages and avoid leakage from the structure.

First containment intends to protect the substrate from corrosion, erosion or abrasion and secondary containment is an additional protective layer to protect the environment from hazardous chemicals that it may leak from the first containment. Petrichor Technical Services LLC is providing a several solutions for each case in the way to extend their life. As it is usually applied to prone area and such as crude oil, petroleum products or chemicals tanks.

 It is the most reliable solutions to prevents corrosion, erosion or abrasion for your pipes. Pipeline coating (External & Internal) is always recommended to maintain your pipeline’s quality and enhance pipes condition. Through pipeline coating, the efficiency and effectivity of your pipes are secured and maximize the pipe’s life expectancy as well.

Petrichor Technical Services LLC spends a lot of time and engaged with different R&D in order to provide the market with a full coating’s solution from the surface preparation, priming then coating the pipes with different technologies, mainly polyurea. Also, Petrichor has the rights to sell the first internal pipe line equipment for polyurea technology that can be suitable to be used with the international coating equipment such as Graco.

 Manhole and other related sanitary sewer structures are prone corrosion. To secure long term interest with these structures, aside from good structural design. Petrichor Technical Services LLC is providing a different coating solution to help to prevent corrosion from unwanted sewerage such as acids, bacteria colonies, etc. In result, deterioration of structures and concrete materials can be prevented.

 Corrosion of metals and nonmetals is happening due to environmental exposure, chemical reactions and contacts to abrasive materials. Petrichor Technical Services LLC is providing a protective coating solution in order to prolong of materials lives, as it is strongly recommended to be used in order to prevent deterioration and loss of materials. We got you a various coating solution to any structure or materials that needs to be protected from corrosion.t

Petrichor Technical Services LLC is providing a full integrated solution for Thermal insulation & Weather protection for TES Tanks and Cooling towers with a durable material to avoid any condensation that may affect the thermal insulation results which may affect the efficiency of the chillers. Also, Petrichor is providing a different coatings solution to protect the tanks components from cooling towers heat, moisture, and chemicals which considered the prime conditions for corrosion.

 Overseeing the corrosion issues in a water and wastewater plants are the primary concern. Exposure of vessel, pipes and other structure to water causes a high risk of corrosion. As acid elements are presents in wastewater, deterioration can immediately occur that may result to ineffectivity of facility. Petrichor management had the chance to be part of the first STP project in the middle east which gave them the experience that it will help to provide the advice and specification to protect other STP projects in different countries who started looking for this technology as a main replacement for the traditional GRP system.

Petrichor Technical Services LLC understand the important of using the right waterproofing system which considered as a protective solution to any substrate to become water-resistant. Nowadays the huge number of waterproofing materials & suppliers confused the end-customer so we have put in our consideration to provide the customers the latest technologies which will meet their requirement and budget. So, we can provide the service for all kind of customer and meet their needs. which will preserve the strength and durability of their structures.

Huge lagoons, swimming pools, artificial lakes or any other containment of water in a reservoir requires an effective waterproofing system. Petrichor Technical Services LLC is providing a wide range of waterproofing solutions by using different kind of waterproofing technologies such as Polyurea, Polyurethene, PVC system and Bitumen roll sheet sheet/torch membrane. In general, we have the ability to study the projects and identify all the areas that require a waterproofing system such as roof, wet areas, substructural, etc. So, we maintain eye-appealing structures, that requires a coating solution to prevents corrosion and secure a durable and high-quality lagoons, pools and water features. 

 Petrichor Technical Services LLC is supporting the marine sector by providing different OEM customers a unique solution that it will enhance the quality and prevent the structural from corrosion and abrasion.

As marine structures and ships require waterproofing, protective layers that are applied to surfaces exposed to or immersed in fresh, brackish, and/or salt water. Petrichor is supporting boats owners/manufacturers to protect their products / increase the value of their boats in order to be more durable and unbreakable by using a special type of coating (Industrial Grade of Polyurea). That will help the structure to maintain the safety and quality for the marine life.

Petrichor Technical Services LLC is one of the leading companies who is providing a unique solution for thermal and waterproofing of the roofs which are exposed all the time to the environment. Solutions that can prevent the roofs from humid, sunlight, rain and other abrasive conditions that could threaten the conditions of roof throughout the time. Petrichor team have the ability to provide different kind of solutions such as Combo system, Polyurea coatings system, 1K Polyurethane system and Bitumen roll sheet sheet/torch membrane.

 Petrichor Technical Services LLC understand the sensitivity of the infrastructure project such as bridge structure and deck which are exposed to rain water and different environmental conditions. Therefore, high elastomeric coating was the best solution under the asphalt to prevent corrosion and maintain the safety of the structure. which It helps strengthen the structure that prolonged the life expectancy.

 Off Road and Military vehicles are commonly used in heavy duties activities. It is prone to puncture and abrasion of solid materials that can damage the part of vehicle and results to awful bed liner / coatings. Petrichor Technical Services LLC is assisting those kinds of vehicles to provide the high level of protection by using Polyurea (Bed liners Grade) technology. Which will  maintain the bed liner quality and protect it from scratches, scuff and unwanted marks.

Additional to that, nowadays polyurea started to be recommended/ used in different types of trailers such as:  Car Accessories, Pickup Truck, Cold Storage, Full Body of the Car, Food Trucks, Container Caravans & Portable Mechanical Room.

Petrichor Technical Services LLC is supporting OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) industry to safeguard a wide range of products and equipment or invent/proposed a new way to manufacture their product. We experience determine the right type of coatings from our range to OEM customers in order to suite their manufacturing / quality requirement. As our services including providing the high and low hardness products with a rapid curing based on molding methodology that will decrees the manufacturing period to 50% or more.

Petrichor Technical Services LLC is one the leading companies who gave more concern and focus on Flooring industry by providing the application services for the latest flooring systems such as Polyurea, Polyaspartic , Epoxy flooring and others as well.

As its also focus on choosing the high-quality brands that can be able to resist physical and chemical influences and provide high abrasion resistance and high durability flooring systems. On the same ocean maintaining the aesthetics requirements for special facilities such as Car Parking System, Workshops Flooring, Showroom Flooring System, Chiller and Cold Rooms System.

 Petrichor Technical Services LLC supported different theming companies in the last few years, by coating their designs with the latest technology of the elastomeric coating that theming customers needed to protect their special designs which they are using for display on events, leisure parks or malls.

As we are also providing a coating solution for special structural designs which have been built by PU foam, polystyrene and woods. Additional to that, we are providing a high quality polyethene top coat which can be whether matte or glossy, metal or non-metallic. That all not only to prolong the quality of theming items but also to maintain the aesthetics requirements.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

Creating a team of dedicated professionals will ensure providing them a challenging and nurturing environment enabling them to achieve profitability and growth in order to exceed the expectations of our customers and business associates.