Petrichor Technical Services LLC

– Expert in Coating Solutions – 

Petrichor Technical Services LLC is a part from a group of companies who are working on providing the market with One-Stop-Shop solutions by providing supply and apply services for different kind of technologies such us Polyurea, Polyaspartic, Polyurethane and Epoxy coatings.

Our Mission

To provide satisfying long-term solutions to a demanding and value-driven industry is at the heart of our mission. We want to be remembered and known as a partner and solution provider, rather than being just another sub-contractor who filled a gap in the supply chain. So, we shall strive to meets.

International and regional Presence

The achievement of becoming the region’s partner to national and international companies

Value Engineering Solutions

The availability of a comprehensive Product range at the most competitive rates

Future Vision for Sustianable Business

The establishment of Petrichor as a leading player on a multi level in the region

Technology Provider

The expectations of our customer’s for quality, value and satisfaction in our range of products​

Our Vison

It is Petrichor Technical Services LLC vision to be recognized as the regional market leader in coating and contracting and the ideal partner for all reputable companies in the Middle East, Asia & Europe. This vision is achieved through constant customer support and satisfaction in addition to the participation in major and landmark projects that will epitomize the group as the leader amongst its competitors. We strive to offer long-term value for our clients and it is this focus that has contributed to our success immensely.